Born and raised in Spain.  Deep european at soul.  Experiencing North America now.  Bilingual.  The oldest of one sister and three brothers.  My name means "God's vineyard" in it's hebrew origin.  Poem & Song in it's second latin root.

I'm a sucker for nature, books, siesta, films, plays, Latin American culture, accents, Rocky, the year 1929, breakfasts, seasons and oceans.  I practice two rituals regularly:  Yoga & Silence.  I'm a sauna mermaid and I drink hot green tea, even in the summer.  When I have time, I like learning new things, taking long walks and experiment in the kitchen.

Cante jondo and complex symbolism, fascinate me.  Also, statues of virgins & saints.  I'm a kid in a candy store by the sea, in bookstores, artisan markets, farmer's markets, not crowded museums and old town cemeteries.

I'm gemini but I'm an introvert.  If I were an animal, I'd like to be a cat.  If I were a tree, I'd be the mediterranean Olive Tree. 

One of my favorite quotes, is Flaubert's "Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work."

Also, I love the art work & poetry of Eyvind Earle.

A wish:  Swim with dolphins. 

The fantasy of becoming an actor was instigated as a child, when most nights, my parents would asked us to go to bed as ¡Al cine de las sábanas blancas!

À la gypsy family...  where it all began...

À la gypsy family...  where it all began...