Surprise Film Release on July 22nd & July 29th! / by Carmen Cabrera

Lana --  in the science indie, Digital Physics.

Digital Physics, a feature film written & directed by Jonathan Khanlian -- was released on July 22nd, on Vimeo On Demand as a surprise film release!  It's estimated release on iTunes & Amazon is July 29th!

Set in a hostel in the 1980s, 'Digital Physics' follows Khatchig, a man searching for truth in mathematics, physics, logic, and life. As Khatchig monopolizes the sole computer in the hostel to make sense of a counter-intuitive result, he has an epiphany: We may be living in a computer simulation.

Khatchig sets out to find the program that will be the code for our universe and the Nobel laureate that will vindicate his work.  As his theories take him deeper into a questionable mental state, Khatchig must deal with the derision from those around him, unrequited love, and his own self-destructive nature.

The concepts explored in 'Digital Physics' are based on the works of Gottfried Leibniz, Alan Turing, Stephen Wolfram, Gregory Chaitin, Albert Einstein, Ed Fredkin, Kurt Gödel and many other mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and philosophers.

For anyone who loves the 80's, mathematics, travel, synth-music and nostalgia:


For more info about the film, cast & crew, screenings, science corner... visit the film's website below!