Reading of THE DEVILMAN @ IATI Theater, 04/25 / by Carmen Cabrera

On Monday, April 25th @ 7pm, I will be participating in the reading of THE DEVILMAN, by Adam Seidel & directed by Valentina Fratti, as part of 2016 IATI's Play Development Program.

Synopsis of the play:  Before Henry Wallace can leave the dusty Mexican town he’s been hiding out in, he needs to bury the body of a beautiful young girl. Guided by Felipe, the owner of the town’s general store, Henry embarks on a journey into the desert: a journey of truth and self-discovery, ultimately leading to a chance at redemption.

by Adam Seidel

with Carmen Cabrera, Jeffrey Parrillo, Lee Tergesen and Aldo Uribe

Stage Directions Sophie Parens
directed by Valentina Fratti

Monday, April 25th at 7pm

64 East 4th Street

For more information and to make reservations, please follow the link below:

see ya there!