A Lucid Dream - Live Stream Staged Reading on Howlround TV / by Carmen Cabrera


I'll be celebrating International Theatre Day, with a live stream reading on Howlround TV, of a work in progress at its earliest stage of development. "A Lucid Dream" by Begonya Plaza. With, Carmen Cabrera as Evita Perón and Begonya Plaza as Dolores Ibarruri, directed by Ignacio Garcia-Bustelo

Hosted at La Nacional
239 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011

12pm – 1:30pm CST and 1pm - 2:30 EST. http://howlround.com/tv

A LUCID DREAM, by Begonya Plaza
Two women of Spanish historical significance,
Evita Perón, Argentina's leading political
figure of the late 1940's, and Dolores Ibarruri,
known as La Pasionaria, a Spanish Republican
leader, symbol of anti-fascism of the Spanish
Civil War, and Communist politician of
Basque origin, meet in that kind of river Styx,
the boundary between earth and the
underworld, a dimensionless space of the spirit
where egos are still embroiled in earthly
matters. Addicted to their tragedies, they
rehash intensities bringing to life the
complexities, and achievements until the bike
chariot comes to usher one of them across.
These historical heroines are confronted to
ponder the mystery of their existence under
the prism of immortality and for the sake of
eternal wakeful peace.